Q Acoustics speaker range brings hi-fi and home cinema sound back to your home from £99 ($149.99)

Winning multiple awards and acclaim from hi-fi and home cinema magazines and websites, Q Acoustics’ range of loudspeakers delivers class-leading performance, stylish design and superb value for money from top to bottom. Whether you’re looking for speakers to improve your current hi-fi system or building a full home cinema setup from scratch, there’s a Q Acoustics model that fits the bill.

2010i_gloss_whiteQ Acoustics 2010i
Picking up multiple awards from publications like What Hi-Fi? and Trusted Reviews, the 2010s are class-leading entry-level hi-fi and home cinema speakers that deliver huge bang for your buck while being small enough for bookshelf, stand or wall mounting. The perfect way to give any entry-level hi-fi system a low-cost but effective upgrade.

The Q Acoustics 2010i costs just £99.95 ($149.99) per pair, and comes in four striking finishes: Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black and Gloss White.


Q Acoustics 2020i
The 2020s are medium-sized bookshelf speakers that have also bagged an armful of plaudits from What Hi-Fi? – including a 2013 award for Best Stereo Speakers Up To £200. Beautifully finished, they offer a marked step up from the 2010s in terms of bass response for only a little more outlay. They can also be mounted on stands or your wall.

The Q Acoustics 2020i costs £129.95 ($179.99) per pair and is available in Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black and Gloss White colour finishes.

Q Acoustics 3010
Rated a full five stars by What Hi-Fi? magazine, the 3010 bookshelf speakers add another layer of excellence to their audio performance courtesy of a stronger, less resonant cabinet and a host of technical enhancements. And despite their larger size, they can also be wall or stand mounted.

The Q Acoustics 3010s are available for £159 ($199.99) per pair, and come in five finishes: Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black, Gloss White and Leather.

Q Acoustics 3020
Yet another five star-rated What Hi-Fi? award-winner, the 3020s boast a larger driver to give their bass response a boost so that, despite their diminutive dimensions, they’re more than capable of giving the sort of loud and lively performance that can fill a medium-sized room. Like our other bookshelf speakers, they’re also wall and stand mountable.

The Q Acoustics 3020 cost £199 ($289.99) per pair, and are available in a choice of five colour finishes: Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black, Gloss White and Leather.

Q Acoustics 2050i
Q Acoustics’ most affordable floorstanding speaker bagged What Hi-Fi?’s award for its category two years in a row, and delivers superb full-range performance for its price. Ideal for slightly larger rooms and more powerful hi-fi systems, the 2050i’s clarity and exceptional bass response make it a winner no matter what type of music it’s playing.

The Q Acoustics 2050i costs £349.96 ($489.99) per pair and come in Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black and Gloss White colour finishes.

Q Acoustics Concept 20 
The revolutionary Concept 20 is another double What Hi-Fi? award-winner – in fact it was named the magazine’s Product of the Year in 2013. The ultimate in compact speaker technology, this speaker features a Gelcore cabinet construction that reduces resonance, letting you crank up the volume without cranking up distortion at the same time, whether you’ve chosen to mount them on a stand, the wall or your bookshelves.

The Q Acoustics Concept 20 costs £379 ($499.99) per pair and is available in Gloss Black and Gloss White finishes.

Q Acoustics 3050
Twice winner of Best Floorstander in What Hi-Fi?’s annual awards and a Hi-Fi Choice Best Buy, the 3050 has been designed to compete with floorstanding speakers twice its price. Ideal for use in larger rooms, where their ultra-low distortion, crystal clear treble and powerful bass response can truly shine – particularly when used with their supplied outrigger stands.

The Q Acoustics 3050 costs £549 ($699.99) per pair, and is available in a choice of Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black, Gloss White and Leather finishes.

Q Acoustics Concept 40
Q Acoustics’ flagship floorstanding speaker uses the same low-resonance Gelcore cabinet construction as its Concept 20 little brother, allowing it to outperform much pricier rivals through sheer dynamic musicality. It comes with an elegant tripod stand that isn’t just for looks, enhancing rigidity and floor contact to further boost performance.

The Q Acoustics Concept 40 costs £999 ($1,999.99) for a pair, and comes in Gloss Black or Gloss White finishes.

Q Acoustics 3000 Series 5.1 (£775/$899.99 set)
A full 5.1 home cinema speaker package featuring everything you need to take movies, TV and video games to a whole new sonic level: front, left, right, rear left and rear right speakers to distribute dialogue and surround sound effects and a subwoofer to supply low-end bass rumble. Winner of awards at both Home Cinema Choice and Trusted Reviews, it’s a slick, stylish and compact system that’ll also perform admirably with music.

The Q Acoustics 3000 Series is available now for £775 ($889.99) in five finishes: Walnut, Graphite, Gloss Black, Gloss White and Leather.

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http://www.qacoustics.com (US)

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